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Choral Singing Classes

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Choral Singing Classes

Classes are divided into different levels according to the children’s ages from as young as three years old up to fourteen years old until their voices change. Structured with a lively approach, the lessons aim to stimulate children’s interest in music and increase their musical knowledge. Through choral singing, their communication skills are enhanced and they will appreciate the importance of teamwork. Choral workshops and annual concerts are held regularly to develop their performance skills, build up confidence, and provide training in team spirit and discipline. Members will have the opportunity to participate in local and international musical events, overseas tours and recording.

  • Preparatory level (aged 3-4): Through simple melodies, aural training and introductory music theory, members will learn the basic skills in singing and cultivate a sense of rhythm. They will also develop an interest in music when the music is expressed in the form of sounds and physical activities. Introduction of simple music theory

  • Junior level (aged 4-5): Members will learn the mechanism of voice production and how to breathe correctly while singing. The training is focused on pitch accuracy, basic concepts in vocal practice, revision on the knowledge acquired and accumulation of experience. Guidance on music appreciation is provided through rhythmic recital of the lyrics and listening to the melodies. Members will acquire more musical knowledge through sight-singing practice. Elementary vocal training is given to arouse their interest in music and facilitate music appreciation. Introduction of simple music theory.

  • Advance level (aged 5-6): Members can master their singing skills and attain a higher standard as they are given more intensive vocal training. They will learn to appreciate the cultural differences through the repertoire in different languages. Knowledge in music theory enables them to read the score efficiently for better understanding of the music. Study of music theory equivalent to ABRSM grade 1-2.

  • Singers Club(Aged 6-13) is a class deigned and taught by Dr. Henry Shek, our artistic director himself. The curriculum consists of the followings:
    • Emphasis is on solo performance, voice projection, singing in tune and perfect rhythm
    • Sight reading is an important part of this course
    • Repertoire consist of English and a variety of European languages such as Italian, French, Spanish, German and Latin etc. from a wide range of songs from classical music as well as Movie and Musical repertoires. Music Theory is equivalent to Grade 5 of ABRSM。

Application Procedures

  • Application fee: $50 for each course. Please send the completed application form and a stamped self envelope with a cross cheque made payable to “Hong Kong Choir OfOutstanding Children” to Office B, 16/F, Chatham Commercial Building, 399 Chatham Road North, Hung Hom, Hong Kong (Attention: Hong Kong Choir Of Outstanding Children).
  • Course Fee: Preparatory and Junior Class : $750 per month; Advance Class: $1000 per month;Singers Club: $1,100 per month.
  • All fees paid are not refundable or transferable under any circumstances.
  • For enquiries, please contact 23378501 email:

*Class may not open depending on the number of students